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Arcade Parties

Kids Parties - Happy Hours - Group Celebrations

Our Arcade or Casual Parties now take place in our Event Space on the upper level.

We've created 3 separate spaces and this upgraded and flexible set up allows you to host larger parties and include Virtual Reality into the mix.   It also allows you to have both a long table for guests as well as high top bar tables and stools.

There may be up to 3 parties in the event room.



$20 per youth guest

Includes room rental, 2 slices of pizza, soda & 40 game tokens.


$25 per adult guest

Includes room rental,2 slices of pizza,1 adult beverage & 40 game tokens.

  • You can bring your own cake or sweet treat for your celebration.

  • High Top Bar Style Seating or Large Communal Table.

  • We take care of the entire set up and clean up.

  • Add any upgrades including extra tokens, catering and drink tickets.

  • Simple tablecloths, paper plates and napkins are included or you can bring your own decorations.

  • Adults are welcome but are not required to purchase a package for youth parties. 

  • Our Youth Parties are not supervised.

  • $200 minimum for Arcade Parties

Available Times:

Youth Parties: 

Tuesday - Friday: 4.30 - 6.30   

Saturday & Sunday: 1.30 - 3.30   

Adult and mixed group parties available at other times. 

Other times available on request.




If you’re looking for a more casual get together with the focus on playing games a casual party is a great fit providing a home base for your guests.


Delicious food from the Shopey's Arcade Catering Menu can be set up in that room along with any tokens and drink tickets you might wish to include. Your guests will be entertained in the arcade and can swing back to your home base any time throughout the booking.


Private Area is $50 per hour

Add tokens,drinks and catering to suit your budget.

$200 minimum advance spend.


Add Hosted Arcade Competitions from $100. 


30 Tokens: $7.50

40 Tokens: $10

Purchase as individual pots or large pot to share.


Games take 2-4 Tokens each and play time varies from game to game and experience level.


We suggest 40 tokens per party per person. 


Cash to Splash

All drinks go on a single bar bill.

Straight Up

Guests pay for their own drinks.

Get the Party Rolling

Purchase drink tickets* 

  • 1 Soft Drink Ticket $2

  • 1 Adult Bar Beverage: $5.50

*House Beer, House wine or House Liquor with your choice of mix.


20% Gratuity is added to groups of over 10 guests 

Choose either a Casual Party or a Party Package