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Holiday Party at Tilt 

Casual Party:

10-30 Guests

Event Space:

30-80 Guests

Take Over Tilt Privately:

Up to 150

  • Add Game Tokens

  • Private Bar / Drink Tickets or Open Bar

  • Entertainment: Comedy/ Silent Disco/ Trivia/ Escape Room Boxes

  • Blank Canvas: Let us know what you need and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Holiday Catering Menu

Tilt Holiday Menu 2019


We have 4 local Louisville catering options this season

  • LULU’S BBQ: 3 meats and 3 Sides

  • VERDE: Taco Bar

  • SHOPEY’s: Flatbreads & Sandwiches

  • THREE LEAF CATERING: Farm to Table Appetizers






3 meats and 3 Sides: $13.20 per person.

Award winning buffet style BBQ presented in chaffing dishes that keep the food hot and fresh throughout the event.

  • Pulled Pork, Chicken and Brisket with Mac n’ Cheese, Coleslaw and Potato Salad

All items other than the Mac n’ Cheese are Gluten Free. All are nut oil free.

Option to include Jack Fruit Lu Lu’s vegetarian pulled pork substitute.

Option to add on beans, sliced sausage and slider buns





Taco Bar $13.20 per person

Delicious Sonoron style Mexican faire from Verde. Your taco bar will include chicken, carnitas and vegetables with all the trimmings.

Option to add on guacamole, beans and rice.






Flatbreads for 10 guests (Pick 5)   $47.44

Flatbreads for 16 guests (Pick 8)   $75.90 

Flatbreads for 20 guests (Pick 10) $94.88

Allows 1 flatbread per 2 guests

Flatbread Choices

  • Pizza Style Cheese or Pepperoni

  • BBQ Chicken house made BBQ, cheddar blend, chicken, bacon, pickled red onion, cilantro

  • Buffalo Chicken buffalo sauce, mozz and blue cheese crumbles, ranch, chicken carrot and celery

  • Veggie roasted onions and mushrooms, mozz and blue cheese crumbles balsamic glaze


Sandwich Trays

Assorted menu sandwiches will be cut in half and displayed on platters.

Include choice of 2 sides; kettle chips, potato salad, Asian Slaw, apple slices

10 person tray: choose up to 3 sandwiches $126.50

15 person tray: choose up to 4 sandwiches $189.75

20 person tray: choose up to 5 sandwiches $253.00



Sandwich Choices

Egg Salad: Butter toasted brioche, leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, pickled red onion

B.L.T: butter toasted brioche, black pepper mayo, nitrite free bacon, leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, pickled red onion

Turkey Club: Butter toasted brioche, nitrite free turkey, nitrite free bacon, cheddar, dijonaisse, leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, housemade dill pickle

Ham and Cheddar: Butter toasted brioche, nitrite free ham, yellow cheddar, secret sauce, leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, pickled red onion

Cuban: French roll, house roasted pork, uncured ham, swiss, housemade dill pickle, mustard, pressed

Chicken Banh Mi: French roll, chicken breast, hoisin lime, sriracha mayo, cucumber, cilantro, pickled veggies, jalapeno by request

Veggie Banh Mi:  French roll, red wine roasted onions and mushrooms, hoisin lime, sriracha mayo, cucumber, cilantro, pickled veggies, jalapeno by request

“Horsey” Roast Beef Sandwich: French roll, house roasted beef, red wine roasted onions and mushroom, swiss cheese, and horsey sauce

Veggie Reuben: Toasted marbled rye, red wine roasted onions and mushrooms, house 1000 island, sauerkraut, swiss

Tuna Salad Sandwich: Toasted marbled rye, caper mayo tuna salad, baby greens and sliced tomato

Spicy BBQ Beef Sandwich: French roll, house roasted beef, house bbq, cheddar, pickled jalapenos, asian slaw

GF rolls available as individually priced sandwiches at $14.65 each


House Salad/ Caesar Salad

Serves 12-18   $27.50


Something Sweet

Cookie Tray (serves 30) $75  ($2.50 per additional person over 30)

Apple Crumb is served in a tray and (serves 12-15) $40



Three Leaf Catering


Three Leaf Catering will deliver and set up their farm to table stationed appetizers for guests to enjoy. Food Cost are per person with 3 levels to choose from and fun deserts.


Level 1 Menu : $12.60

- Vegan Stuffed Mushroom (GF) Carrots, Onions, Celery, Olive Oil ~2 bites per person~

- Greek Meatballs served with Raita ~2 bites per person~

- Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwiches: (Open-Faced) Herb Cream Cheese, Rye bread ~2 bites per person~

- Hot Artichoke Dip: Creamy Warm Blend of Artichokes Hearts, Cheeses, Herbs & Garlic, served with Fresh Vegetables & Bread


Level 2  Menu: $17.60

- Domestic Cheese Platter served with Assorted Crackers

- Bacon Wrapped, Chorizo Stuffed Dates ~2 bites per person~

- Elk Sausage Bites: Beer Mustard, Sauerkraut ~2 bites per person~

- Buffalo Cauliflower Skewers (GF/Vegan Option) with Creamy Vegan Blue Cheese ~2 bites per person~

Level 3 Menu: $23.20

- Charcuterie Platter (GF & Vegan Options) with Prosciutto, Soppressata, Grana Padano, Brie, White Bean Hummus, House Made Pickles & Crostini

- Artichoke Purses (Vegetarian) Artichokes, Cheese, Herbs, Garlic, Puff Pastry Purse ~2 bites per person~

- Jasmine Tea-Cured Salmon Canapé Dill Creme Fraiche, Cucumber Round ~2 bites per person~

- Coffee & Chile Rubbed Pork Tenderloin Canape with Seven Pepper Jelly, Chevre & Micro Greens on a Yucca Chip ~2 bites per person~

- Stout BBQ Meatballs with Pretzel Sticks
~2 bites per person~


Dessert Menu

Level 1 Dessert Menu ( $2.60 per item)

  • Assorted Cookies, Brownies, Mini Lemon Bars, Mini Fruit Tartlets, Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Level 2 Dessert Menu ($3.50 per item)

  • Assorted teacakes, Truffles, Baklava, Crisps

Level 3 Dessert Menu ($3.80 - $6.50)

  • Mini Cannolis, Assorted Pies, Mousse, Rice Pudding



All prices listed are exclusive of tax and gratuity.

A 20% gratuity is added and shared with the Tilt staff and the restaurants directly.

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