The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment released guidance allowing arcades to open under the following conditions:

 1. Fewer than 50 people 

 2. Stay in groups of no more than 4

 3. Groups stay 6 feet from each other

 4. Masks on except when eating or drinking

 5. Clean machines between uses

What the State Says

What we're doing

Controlling access

When you arrive, please come down the ramp entrance, the other entrances are closed.  This way we can make sure we don't exceed the occupancy limits and it gives us a chance to be sure everyone understands the new procedures.  It also gives us a chance to say hello.

Signs on Machines 

Every machine has a reversible sign telling you which machines are clean and ready for play.  When you are done playing you flip the sign and put it back, indicating that it's dirty so staff can come around and sanitize it for the next player.  

Quarantined Tokens 

Yes, you read that right.  All of our tokens have been quarantined for at least a week before you touch them.

Fresh Air

Our air handler is always bringing in fresh, outside air - it is never recirculated - and never has been.  

The Bar is Open but...

We still have our bar with a full complement of draft beer, canned and bottled beer and soda, wine and cocktails.  However, our drink prep area is shielded and there is no congregating at the bar itself.  Your group can hang out at a table or at the machine you are playing - that's why you're there after all.  

The Kitchen is Open

We are serving Shopey's pizza and salads.  Pizza, Beer, Pinball... it doesn't get any better than that.  


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