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About VR


about VR

Become fully immersed in a virtual reality video gaming world with a variety of games, players can explore our solar system, shoot zombies, paint and sculpt in a 3D studio, find hidden clues in escape rooms, defend the castle with a longbow, fight in a boxing ring, defend your spaceship in a visually stunning 3D environment or defend yourself as a teddy bear against evil doll creatures that are attacking you….. The experiences are endless.

Large groups are welcomed and encouraged. Player minimum age 11 years old. Those not playing can join the fun by watching the players on flat screen TVs at no charge. Each VR station includes a seating area with food, adult beverages and refreshments available.


Reservations are encouraged

Tilt operates 3 VR Stations, reserve one or reserve them all for larger groups.  

What's in each VR Station

  • Each station is equipped with a VIVE PRO headset and flatscreen TV, allowing friends and families to take turns and experience virtual reality together.

  • A single station can accommodate 1 player at a time and minutes can be shared with up to 4 players.

  • Each station features a seating area for watchers

  • Food and beverage service is available

  • Minimum age is 11 years old

  • Full access to our VR experiences and games catalogue (30+ titles)

We have a number of multi-player and player vs. player games that can be accessed when you rent two or more VR stations.

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