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Stadium Concrete Seats

Tilt VR takes virtual reality technology to the next level.  Featuring lightning fast dual processor Intel computing and graphics, as well as HTC VIVE, high resolution wireless headsets and controllers.  If you have tried virtual reality at home, this is a totally different immersive experience. 


Our technology will take you inside the game, into deep space, or into a virtual world where you can shoot down alien spacecraft, engage in an old west barfight, or box against the world’s best athletes.

With an immersive game launcher, custom VR controller tutorial, and an online scheduler that connects with our payment system takes VR to the next level.

We empower our customers and give them the tools to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world. Our in-headset tutorials get them accustomed to the controllers and game-to-game navigation in the SpringboardVR environment.

Featuring Wireless Vive Pro

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